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SmartCargo is new technology layer that solves the inherent logistics industry issues optimising key processes for a 10x improvement in efficiency and up to 80% reduction in operating costs.

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SmartCargo is a customized solution that manages all logistic processes of the cargo industry. Being one of the largest industries on our planet, it includes:

airplanes per year

ships per year

trucks per year

trains per year

$8.1 trillion The value of the global logistics market.

$15.5 trillion The expected growth of logistics by 2023.

$92 billion The expected growth of logistics by 2024.

55 billion tons Freight being transported annually.

The cargo industry faces many problems:

Paper documentation

  • Administrative errors
  • Time inefficiency
  • High costs
  • Environmental pollution


  • Cargo theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Document manipulation
  • Delivery time not respected

Manual process

  • Telephone inquiries for transport and insurance services
  • Creation of documents by hand for each shipment
  • Time and resource consumption
  • Frequent mistakes

Old technology

  • Organizational inefficiencies
  • Overly complicated to use
  • Multichannel communication
  • No online access to documents or cargo

Cargo delivery

  • Proof of delivery on paper
  • Provides no information about the status of delivery
  • A time lag in the supply of information about the completed delivery
  • Tampering with goods

SmartCargo enables:

Automatization of the operational process

Live tracking of singular shipment

Security and transparency of cargo data

Instant multi-level communication

Cost savings throughout the whole logistics industry

SmartCargo’s Mission:

We believe the shipping process should be automated, secure and transparent throughout the logistic process. Our mission is to give all participants the solution for a stress-free logistic process with access to live cargo tracking.

SmartCargo roadmap

Q2 – 2017

  • Idea is born & Research begins

Q3 – 2017

  • Idea validation from various trucking companies
  • Idea validation from various shippers

Q4 – 2017

  • Learning experience from our partner CargoX

Q1 – 2018

  • Team formation
  • Architecture of Smart Cargo ecosystem development

Q2 – 2018

  • Talks with major ERP providers
  • Start of STO compliance process
  • Platform development begins
  • Working on used cases for PILOT projects

Q3 – 2018

  • LTFE (Laboratory for telecommunication) & LMMFE (Laboratory for multimedia) joins the team
  • Partnership with Faculty of electrical engineering Ljubljana

Q4 – 2018

  • SC Demo Release
  • SC Platform MVP release
  • STO Begins (Private & Public sale)

Q1 – 2019

  • Market penetration: Italy
  • SC Platform ver. 1 + Hardware MVP

Q2 – 2019

  • First test pilots in Italy & Slovenia

Q3 – 2019

  • Expansion & pre-sales: Germany

Q4 – 2019

  • Finished live tracking hardware for other cargo types
  • Finished SC Smart Pallet
  • Foundation of Logistics Lab with Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana

SmartCargo FAQ’s

1Why did you decide to launch SmartCargo? What gap are you filling?

Due to a present ineffective logistics industry there are huge amounts of time and money that can be saved. Using over 13 years of past experiences in the industry and emerging high-end technologies that encompasses IoT and Blockchain we are here to do exactly that.

2Why STO?

Most importantly, STO’s are regulated, offering more security to the investors, while ICO’s are not. Doing an STO and offering shares to investors is a bridge, a compromise between speculative investments in ICO and big institutional investors that look for highly scalable blockchain projects. Besides that we also believe security tokens are the future of funding as they provide liquidity and exit strategy to its investors/owners.

3What is the competitive landscape like today?

The competitor analysis we conducted has revealed that we are a big step before our competition as our competitors only offer a partial solution. A major issue we have identified is that our competitors use public blockchain that is due to its high transaction fees and slow transactions per second (TPS) not appropriate for use in large enterprises. Thus, the use of public blockchain has not been seen in practice.

4What are your competitive advantages?

SmartCargo will use private blockchain = Hyperledger as it has no TPS limitations or transaction fees. Hyperledger is an open source project used by the leading technology companies such as SAP and IBM. As we believe that the current challenges in the logistics industry can not be solved by tackling individual segments of the logistics process SmartCargo will focus on the optimisation of the whole process through which our clients will gain full control over their cargo.

5Why Blockchain?

Since blockchain is transparent it allows all parties to access past actions and therefore remove any “trust” concerns. All transactions are immutable, and will be visible to everyone with access to the network, reducing the potential for fraud. Blockchain data is logged digitally, consequently companies will be able to utilize more data than ever before.

6Why did you decide to use Hyperledger?

The evaluation of different platforms put Hyperledger Fabric on top as the most suited for the actual solution because it ticks all the following boxes:

  • the cost of network usage is unrelated to some volatile tokens but remains predictable and affordable;
  • all authorized users of a business network and their permissions are managed through ACLs (Access Control List);
  • there is no wasteful maintenance of consensus across the network since there is no competitive mining involved;
  • the transaction size/throughput is only limited by the hardware the network runs on, which linear scaling addressing future needs;
  • there is no external authority other than SmartCargo to decide what happens with the network in the future;
  • the network is protected against transaction spamming by other applications' users.

7Is SCO an ERC-20 token?

Yes, SCO is an ERC-20 token, which will act as revenue share token and will be tradable on upcoming STO exchanges we are already in contact with.

8Is SCO utility or security token?

SCO is a security token. The reason for the contributors to buy the tokens, is the anticipation of future profits in form of revenue share. A security token represents traditional, private security interest and also a share in a company.

9When SmartCargo platform will be fully operational?

We are 100% dedicated to fulfil our promises. SmartCargo will be fully operational in Q4 – 2019. Test pilots with large companies are planned in Q3 2019. (Roadmap)


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