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SmartCargo and The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Partnership to Optimize Transparency and Efficiency in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry in the UAE and GCC Region

23. March 2020

SmartCargo and The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE Sign Major Partnership Agreement

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 18 March 2019

SmartCargo has partnered with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group to offer the cargo industry in the UAE a solution that ensures transparency and provides a clear overview of the entire logistics process.

“We are delighted and honored to be a partner of The Private Office of Skeikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group to further strengthen and upgrade our presence in the UAE and wider MENA region. Honored because we have received another validation and went through the rigorous selection process and delighted because we have a strong partner that will help us in further fundraising, market adjustment and business development in one of the world’s most strategic and vibrant logistics regions.” Said Gregor Humar, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, SmartCargo.

The partnership comes at a time when Dubai is rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to boost its capabilities in logistics and infrastructure. The interest in penetrating the UAE market is largely due to the large-scale projects of this nation, the thriving e-commerce industry, a massive global port, government-led initiatives, and major investments that put logistics and supply chain at a high level, requiring significant improvements to front-end documentation.

Hisham Al Gurg, CEO, The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group, said, “We are excited to announce SmartCargo as our latest partner in the logistics and supply chain space. Logistics is the backbone of global trade and, in recent times, Dubai has enjoyed stupendous growth. The continuous focus of Dubai on the logistics segment and the reinforcement of intelligent and innovative solutions gives SmartCargo a robust potential in the region.”

The combination of SmartCargo’s suite of innovative solutions and the ability of the Private Office to connect SmartCargo to the right network of companies and potential partners will bring the logistics sector of UAE to the level of the next-generation logistics supply chain not seen on the UAE market and to the forefront of technology to better meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

David Grozina, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, SmartCargo, added, “As we are making a new strong step in the development of our unique product, this is the perfect timing and place for such venture, so we are looking forward to great challenges and achievements that lay ahead.”

The recent Dubai Silk Road Strategy announcement, which includes nine initiatives and 33 projects, shows the rising demand for this industrial segment.

About SmartCargo

SmartCargo is a new technology layer that solves the inherent logistics industry issues optimizing key processes for a 10x improvement in efficiency and up to 80% reduction in operating costs. SmartCargo works as a solution based on five distinct modules that will enable a fully automated document creation process, provide transparent and immutable records, live tracking of singular shipment, help find trusted transport and insurance partners and drastically reduce fraud. The company’s goal is to connect producers, importers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders, and all the other stakeholders into an organized and balanced ecosystem by giving them a way to fully manage and control their cargo 24/7.

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About SEED Group

Over the past 16 years, SEED Group has formed strategic alliances with leading global companies representing diverse regions and industries. These companies have propelled their business interests and goals in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region through the support and strong base of regional connections of the SEED Group. The Group’s goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with multinational organizations and to accelerate their sustainable market entry and presence within the MENA region. SEED Group has been a key point in the success of all its partners in the region helping them reach their target customers and accelerate their businesses. The Private Office was established by Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum to directly invest in or assist potential business opportunities in the region, which meet The Private Office’s criteria.

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