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SmartCargo developed on HansaWorld Standard ERP and blockchain technology

25. March 2020

SmartCargo has partnered with HansaWorld to offer the cargo industry an innovative smart logistics platform which will give its users a complete overview of all processes and also reduce time and cost for more efficient logistics. We use HansaWorld’s Standard ERP platform as a mean of development and better organization.

Some of the features of the SmartCargo application include:

  • A fully automated documentation creation process
  • Transparency and oversight of the process
  • Live tracking of singular shipment
  • Multi-level communication
  • Drastic fraud reduction

Manufacturers, distributors, export and importers and logistics companies are all supported SMEs by the SmartCargo application that uses BlockChain technology in order to encrypt, store and authenticate data. The software was first piloted in Slovenia as well as the United Arab Emirates and Italy and will be subjected to further testing into other European countries in the near future.

Karl Bohlin, CEO of HansaWorld, recently stated: “We are very proud to partner with SmartCargo and are delighted that they chose Standard ERP as their platform to build such a revolutionary and game-changing product for the logistics industry. Many companies around the globe choose HansaWorld products to develop cutting edge software solutions for various market niches.”

Gregor Humar, CEO and Founder of SmartCargo, adds, “We are extremely pleased we have launched our SmartCargo application cooperatively with HansaWorld Standard ERP. Administrative errors, as well as out-dated, complicated logistics software solutions to damage and theft, have been only some of the challenges faced by the logistics industry. Thanks to SmartCargo it is now possible to enjoy a stress-free and more efficient logistics process, which leads to enhanced productivity and a reduction in operating costs. And it has been our partnership with HansaWorld, one of the world’s leading software developers, that has paved the way to creating such a unique and robust logistics platform.”

About HansaWorld

HansaWorld is a multinational software development company specializing in accounting software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). With three decades of experience and innovation, HansaWorld’s software automates business processes for companies all over the world and provides the best business management solutions for a wide range of industries.

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About SmartCargo

SmartCargo is a new technology layer that solves the inherent logistics industry issues optimizing key processes for a 10x improvement in efficiency and up to 80% reduction in operating costs. SmartCargo works as a solution based on five distinct modules that will enable a fully automated document creation process, provide transparent and immutable records, live tracking of singular shipment, help find trusted transport and insurance partners and drastically reduce fraud. The company’s goal is to connect producers, importers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders, and all the other stakeholders into an organized and balanced ecosystem by giving them a way to fully manage and control their cargo 24/7.

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