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We wanted to make a change. A real change.

The logistics process is rooted in out-of-date technologies, which are causing companies to lose time and money, breeding frustration and stress. This realization comes from our intimate knowledge of the process, which we’ve been part of for more than a decade, and all of its steps and troubles.

SmartCargo was created from the desire to make the entire process, which is currently soaked in stress, as smooth and frictionless as possible for all the actors involved. By completely digitizing and automating it we’re now able to offer companies a tool that saves them an enormous amount of time and money, while simultaneously relieving employees of stress, boosting their performance, workplace satisfaction and engagement.

Enterprises want and need that. We know, they’ve told us. Our first step was checking with them and making case studies on how our solution would impact their business and the results were astonishing. We knew that in next few years our solution has a potential to become a worldwide standard in logistics and we plan to make it happen.

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