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Transport & Insurance Exchange

This SmartCargo solution will perform a run through our transport and insurance service providers exchange. It will suggest the optimal mode of transportation and insurance, based on the type of shipment and its destination. It will also suggest whether the shipment should be forwarded to a hub or a final B2B or B2C consignee. Ideally, the platform should be able to make these decisions autonomously.

We believe this is a very important step in building digital trust between all stakeholders of the logistics process. This is the only way the user will get the best quote for their business.

  • Our unique exchange registration process will vet out all suspicious registrants who cannot provide the service and quality our company strive towards.
  • Every link in the logistics chain using our solution will be able to see if the other parties have insurance coverage of their part of the chain.
  • Transparency of this type increases the level of trust of all the participants in the delivery chain and at the same time enables to gradually weed out the actors that do not meet the standards of their customers.
Transport & Insurance Exchange