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Why SmartCargo?

Tackling the Problems of the Logistics Process

Despite being a multi-trillion industry, the current logistics process is riddled with problems and inefficiencies.


  • automation and digitization are rare,
  • transparency and control are more wishes than reality,
  • route optimization & the search for reliable partners are in most cases Herculean tasks.

“How can it be that at a time when everything is digital, one of the largest industries in the world is still mainly running on paper?”

The reason is simple.

Large companies have invested a lot of time and money in systems that are plagued by human errors and time-consuming processes that they cannot leave behind.


has developed a multifaceted turnkey solution that integrates into existing systems by pulling data from different IT systems, combining it with real-time data from the Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices and the data published on a permission blockchain, tying them all together in a globally accessible fashion through a dedicated application.

Our innovative solution ensures enormous gains in the company’s performance and drastically lowers total cost of the process.

10 times FASTER

Up to 80% more SAVINGS!

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